Howdy. I’m Olaoluwa, a freelance art director and consultant with over 5 years of experience as a graphic designer, motion graphic artist, video editor and web designer. Through the years, I’ve carried out an array of tasks for individuals, small businesses and substantial firms. My diverse skillset allows me to specialize in a very broad variety of areas.

As a creative designer, I work closely with my clients to determine their design objectives, target audience, and project requirements. Then, I conceptualize the best way to bring their vision to life. Essentially, I determine the creative approach, produce a striking visual design, and implement it perfectly.

Clients choose to work with me, because I provide a unique blend of creativity, and strategic thinking to the design process. They also appreciate my ability to work under pressure! I strive to provide my clients with design work of the highest quality and latest design trend, I’m always adding new skills to my skillset so I can achieve that objective.

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